Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, yeah, another MONTH gone by without going near the blog. I'll keep trying. I promise.

I've been really wanting to treat myself to something pretty, and I think this might be it. What do you think, would it glamorize my very work-roughened hands? It think it looks like something a mermaid would wear.

Speaking of mermaids, I think i have finally decided what to do with my tattoo. Ages ago I had this very intricate
Celtic piece done on my back. It was lovely, a six inch circle between my shoulder blades. Well, over the years it has faded and blurred into a giant grey dot. It really bums me out, but I could never decide on a worthy cover-up. But I have it now. I am going to get a mermaid tattoo! If you know me well, you know this is the right thing, as I am in the water everyday. I now need to figure out the design; even the style I want to go for is up in the air. I do know that it needs to be a fresh-water mermaid, because I am more lake than ocean. I've been browsing Etsy for lovely mermaids. Here are a few of my favorites: