Monday, March 24, 2008

I love LittleRobot

I am so in love with my latest Etsy Purchase. I had been drooling over LittleRobot's work for ages, and finally broke down and bought these two prints. I have no idea why I waited so long to buy them. It is so weird how many things I have in my favorites that are not very expensive, that I need to have, but I resist. I think it is time for an Etsy shopping spree...but first I have to get these framed.

Aren't they beautiful? Oh yes they are! And the print quality is so amazing that they really need to be seen in person. The artist mixes old woodcuts with her original illustration to create these fantastical creatures. Check out more of her work here. They have me thinking about creating a fantasy butterfly. Maybe a morpho/monarch hybrid? I'm suddenly very excited to get into the studio. I guess I should be shopping more often, if I'm finding this kind of inspiration!

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