Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Almost a month since my last post! I am so ashamed. Ah, well, I'm back, with renewed intention.

As I was cleaning up my studio last month, I found these pieces of glass that I had cut for a star lantern. Pieces I had cut like, five, six years ago. I couldn't just give up on the project, but I had a really hard time re-starting. I had to trust my past self to have cut every triangle just as precisely as I would today. It did work out really well. Now I'm debating if I should list if for sale in my Etsy, or put it in a local gallery. Shipping might be prohibitive, but I would love to list something so different from my other work. Either way, I love these lights. I love stars!

And some awesome Etsy items to keep my little star company:

T-shirt by boygirlparty.

Stellar Waterfall - Hanging Mobil by Stjarnkraft

Adventure by elizagauger.

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sgoldfine said...


Rob texted me the Etsy link and I got linked to your blog. Yey- I have been wanting your contact info for months- I love having the chance to look at all of your work and am psyched to buy more pieces. How are you doing? Sorry you couldn't make it this weekend- We missed you.

Hope you're well,