Thursday, May 29, 2008


I just found the most amazing blog. This chick is totally OBSESSED with rings. If you have a few hours (or days) to kill, check out The Carrot Box to see the largest catalogue of the craziest rings on the internet. She inspired me to find the wildest, most creative rings on Etsy. Here are my picks. I want them all.
"The cage encases a sterling silver flower. It has been painted with nail varnish. The point of using nail varnish, is so the ring can be colour co-ordinated with your chosen colour on the day. Then simply paint over it, when you change your colour again." Holy cow! Available at the awesome chrisparry etsy shop. Articulating Talon Ring, made of Sterling Silver and BrassSterling silver ring, veneered with walnut. I might actually buy this one.
Sterling silver, flamed worked and blown glass. One of a kind. At Nanopod.
Yeah, this one might me mine one day too. From boundearth.
Ring inspired by the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller and the growth of triangulated structures in nature such as ice and crystals. From KarenAnnDicken.
Mating Earthworm Cocktail Ring
Patchwork textile ring by kjoo.

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