Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Designs!

I love working with the butterflies, I love their organic shape, and I usually let that direct my design...But, I've been feeling a bit restless (not quite uninspired) and decided to play around with some different designs and shapes. Here is a little bit about my process: Paper patterns glued to the glass and cut to the exact size. Ignore the needs-to-be-replaced work surface.
The butterfly wings are trimmed to size and sandwiched in the glass with copper foil.
The pieces laid out, and ready to be soldered. I purchased a few beautiful green amethyst briolettes from a lovely Etsy seller, JenniferCasadyGems. I'm determined to find a way to incorporate more pretty stones.

The finished product. I really love it. It seems a bit dressier and more elegant than my usual work. I am so excited to explore these ideas further...and to keep shopping for beautiful faceted gems! I'm tempted to keep it, but for now it is for sale here.


SpinachNPeace said...

I love this piece! Even though it is not small, it seems dainty and so darling! Very elegant!

kendalee said...

I adore your butterfly necklaces and have promised to treat myself to one in the not too distant future. This one is beautiful!