Monday, May 19, 2008


I can never manage to leave Michael's craft store with only the things that I had on my list. This time it was these pretty glass circles and rectangles called "Linked" from Plaid Enterprises. I just could not leave them in the store because the lovely colors had my mind going crazy with their potential.

This is my first experiment with them. I traced the inside shape then cut and foiled glass and wings to that size. The tricky part was putting the copper foil on the inside of the glass links, but after some fumbling, I had it looking pretty good. I soldered them together with some decorative soldering and a wire loop for hanging. I think I can get them neater, closer to perfect next time, so look for them in my Etsy in the future.

I'm really excited to use them in a stained glass panel. They would make great raindrops, a design element I explored a few years ago in this piece. Water is always a motif that appears in my work, and this glass has me ready to re-visit some old ideas.

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